Purple Pixels Web-development

Fantasy Art

Notes on the Purple Pixels backdrop:

You may be wondering what on earth the 4 animals are doing in there. Ppx has always been a "family" as such, and each of the 4 animals represent a person in our house. Even though every person doesn't directly have a connection to ppx, I thought it was important to put them in there because it looked cool and because everybody here helps to keep spirits high. There are plenty of other people involved with ppx, of course, and in future I plan to dedicate some website work to them.

This piece was quite fun to do. It was really exciting because i had originally never opted for this style of work, and I wasn't sure i'd be able to produce something I was happy with. I started off by drafting some preliminary work, which, I think, were quite horrible, but it helped me along the way.

The piece itself, of course, had to be purple as a base colour, so I already had a limited range of things to work with. I got my inspiration from magazines and their coverart, often being something futuristic, modern and pop-arty, which I think has a really funky feel to it, and that's what I wanted to try and do for ppx. The old site had just been a temporary thing, and quite messy; as such, so i wanted to create something painstaikingly clean-cut. I chose round and branch-like shapes to give it a smooth, yet natural feel, and basically I just stuck with that all the way through as it felt very right.

So i think the piece really sums up what ppx is a funky, strange, at times surrealistic family with lots of diversity. And we're purple.